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About us........or should I say About Me!

If you need a replacement part for your beloved sax....just ask!

My name is Mike Barnes and I have been playing saxophone for many years. I have owned and played a wide variety of horns, vintage and modern.

The idea of Saxstuff was thought up in 2009, out of the need to find some keyguards for a King Super 20 Tenor Saxophone I took on as a "Project". My project horn was missing some key guards and other minor parts. Unable to source them, either new or secondhand, I resorted to making my own.
I decided to manufacture my keyguards by hand hammering, annealing, and re-hammering the brass sheet, to obtain the required design. The distinctive shaped holes were then cut out by hand using a jewellers saw and the mounting screw holes were drilled. The guard was polished and fitted on the Super 20.
I ended up having to make several other parts for this particular horn and I was overjoyed with the end result.
This inspired me to go forward and provide this service to others, also in need of obscure parts for their horns.

Little did I know where this would lead.....
I responded to the "Parts Wanted" sections of popular online "Saxophone Forums", ie: 'SOTW' and 'Cafe Saxophone' and have since made a variety of different sax parts, from screws to keyguards, for many satisfied customers worldwide.
I have been involved in aerospace engineering for around 25 years, so understand the need for working to a high standard with fine detail.
I am therefore delighted to be able to offer my specialised metal working services to you. 
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