What our customers say about us…..

Hi Mike,

Thanks sooo much for your making these custom items for saxes. It will help keep the horn solid in the case and protect the octave key

Thanks, Rob Zuckerman, California.

Mike Barnes is providing true reproductions of King saxophone parts that are indistinguishable from the original. This is crucially important to keeping these greatest-of-all-vintage-saxophones in top shape. Whether you need guards, screws, pivot screws, neck screws, end plugs, or even special ordered parts, Mike brings his machining skills to bear on these problems with beautiful results. I have seen all of the above, and they are all great. He was even able to reproduce a custom part for me for a customer who had lost it, and it was able to go on the horn and completely reverse the loss. My customer went from despair to rejoicing! It’s really as good of a resource for all things King as one could ask for. With his parts, Mike helps me to sell the best King saxophones in very best condition possible. 

Brian at www.GetAsax.com


Thank You for being the person who helps people such as myself to keep their King Super20 saxophones Playing!

Gerald Peterson, Van Nuys, California.

Hello, Mike !

Today I received the package!

All things came good!

I managed to change everything before the gig.

I’m going to play in a good mood !!!

Thank you very much !

Photos posted on Facebook.

Dima Alexandria, Ukraine.

Hi Mike

The sax looks great, how it should be. I’m very happy for result.

Thanks for everything


Angelo Massaroto, San Vendemiano, Italy.

I am so pleased to have found your site and see the stuff you are making. Wish I had known about you a long time ago. You are a true craftsman.

Eric Satterlee, Meridian Winds, Michigan.

Mike Barnes is a master craftsmen and a great person to deal with. He always goes beyond the call of duty and makes sure everything he makes is of the highest quality.  My King Silversonic Proudly sports a replacement guard that Mike made for me.  I sold Mike several backup necks a few years back.  Every transaction has been friendly and thoughtful.  Thank You Mike, Best Wishes, 

Frank Catalano, Chicago, Illinois.

This post is in praise of the work of Mike Barnes at www.saxstuff.co.uk 

I play a very much loved Borgani Ponzol Tenor.

Many years ago it received some pretty bad damage to the neck as the band were taking down equipment after a gig.

So way back then I sent the neck to Karsten Gloger for a re-make in Silver.

I had by this time decided that the horn was never going to be completely original so I started out customising the horn to exactly how I wanted it.

Mike Barnes made these incredible key guards for me. We talked about how we could make them look and Mike set about work producing them .

I am so pleased with the outcome, I thought it time I gave him some credit for his work on here.

Thank you Mike. Brilliant!!

Ricky Eastman, Southsea, Hants.

I luckily found Mikes website and he made a clothes guard and tenon ferrule for  a 1949 pearled Super 20 I’d just bought. Very pleased with the work as with the cost and time.  I have also bought a 63 silver sonic that needed a few things, safe in knowing that  Mike could sort out the guards, screws, tenon thumb screw, lock nuts and adjusters.  He did just that, the age of the true artist/craftsman has not been drowned in automation ! 

Alastair Campbell, Pembroke, Wales 

Mike, so satisfied with the quality of your work. Materials and finish of the pants guard are as close to original as you can get. Best of all, it fits perfectly! Regards,

Aaron Goldstein, Fort Lauderdale.

Hello my friend, already got the guard keys, got very good job congratulations and thanks for everything.

Dielton Paulo, Brasilia, Brazil


Hello Mike,

I got the parts this morning! They all fit and look great. I have attached some pictures to show just how great they fit in, they look original!

Great work, I will definitely get back to you if I need anything!

Kind Regards,

Dominic Dwyer, Victoria, Australia

Hi Mike,

Just thought I’d  let you know that the end plug has arrived – Brilliantly made, thanks so much for an awesome service.


William Palley


Hi Mike,

The key guard went on perfectly and you made just like it should be… and the neck thumb screw too. Thanks.  I don’t know why I thought you were in Germany. I was surprised when I saw the package came from England. Oh-well.

Thanks again. You’re on my go see great list.

Don Gutheil. USA.

Hallo Mike, you did a great job with the additional parts for my “King” saxophones, which I’m really in love with. Thomas Hübner made a great job with my Zephyr alto using your parts. Great to know there is a guy like you doing the needed parts for our vintage “King”

Best Regards,

Markus Steinhauer, Wegberg, Germany


Hi Mike,

I received the key guard and am very happy with it. It looks perfect. I appreciate you attention to detail and high quality work. Thanks very much!

Daniel Meltz, Mill Valley, California

Hi Mike, 

your lovely packed parts arrived today! They fit perfect! Thanks again for your support.  Have a nice christmas time and a happy new year!  Perhaps we can contact again some time….. 


Thomas Hübner, Germany.

Cuzzin Mike: Got BBb guard  ::: q.e.d. every expectation met; and then some. Happy Holidays.

Jack Ian Mayer ReTune BIR 

Hi Mike,

I received the end plug and I’m indescribably happy with it, because it fits perfectly. I would also be happy to contact you in the future, if I need some custom made parts of vintage saxophone.  All the best.

Willi Ester, Philippsburg, Germany.

Hi Mike,

Just thought i’d let you know that the end plug has arrived – Brilliantly made, thanks so much for an awesome service.  Cheers.

William Paley, London.

I have a beautiful Super 20 Silversonic alto (381xxx) that I  bought a number of years ago when the one and only Boston legend Lester  Parker passed away. Lester had been using a rubber stopper from a  chemistry set for an end plug. I have looked on EBay here and there but  even horns being sold had no end plug. I found Mike’s web site a few  months ago and he made me one that fits perfectly and is a finishing  touch that I’ve been wanting for years. Beautiful work, great  communication, and custom made for a reasonable price. What could be  better?! Thanks for doing this niche work for me and all of those King  owners out there!

Kasey Galligan, Boston, USA