Custom made handcrafted necks………

My handcrafted Super 20/Zephyr high density solid silver and copper neck tubes are all of seamless design. My neck tube tapers were designed after taking countless measurements from the many Super 20 & Zephyr necks I had come through my workshop over long period of time. My neck tubes are not hydroformed like cheaper made necks, so no stresses are introduced to the metal during manufacture and therefore no work hardening occurs. This method helps makes the neck more resonant and gives a much better response. 


The tube walls of my necks are thicker (0.7 – 0.8 mm) which is more than the factory necks ( 0.35 to 0.4 mm) allowing for a stronger neck. The internal bore however remains unchanged. Obviously, it follows then, a thicker tube wall increases the overall outside diameter of the neck slightly compared to a standard neck. All attaching parts are completely handcrafted by myself at my workshop, this as you will appreciate is painstakingly slow intricate work as most of the parts are hand hammered into shape. The exception to this is the underslung octave keys which I have cast to my specifications from silicone brass at a local foundry.

Important note: 

Please bear in mind my neck tenons are finished to standard factory sizes and these are generally a good fit. However, I don’t know the history of your actual horn, therefore depending on previous use, abuse and repairs to your horn, slight adjustment/resizing by a qualified repairman to ensure a perfect fit may be  necessary. I strongly recommend the double socket tenon be sent separated in 2 parts to allow for matching the tenon to the sax body receiver. This will ensure a perfect fit before soldering the 2 parts together onto the neck tube. I cannot stress enough the importance of good metal to metal contact at this critical joint to get the best possible results from your new neck. Waiting time for a completed neck is around 16 weeks.

Feel free to get in touch if you require any more information.

Please see the Youtube video of Australian Pro sax player Phil Noy AB comparison of an original Super 20 tenor neck played back to back with one of my hand built silver necks.